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All persons wishing to do research in a South Dakota Courthouse, must have a research card from the South Dakota State Genealogical Society

The South Dakota Legislature, in an effort to protect privacy and prevent identity theft, has passed a law limiting access to vital records. Representatives from the South Dakota Genealogical Society and Kathlene Mueller, Administrator of the Office of Data, Statistics and Vital Records have worked hard to make these records available to family genealogists but still be within the framwork of the new legislation. The result is a research member card issued under the umbrella of the South Dakota Genealogical Society. These cards are issued by the South Dakota Genealogical Society and their affiliates at a cost of $5.00

The card may be used at any county in South Dakota and at this time it does not have an expiration date. The Register of Deeds at the county courthouse where you want to search will ask you to complete a form called "South Dakota Application for Index Access". The only information needed for this form is your full name, address, and phone number. You will then need to show a picture ID and the Research Member Card.

Any person in this area who wishes to obtain a research card can contact:

Lois Wigen -----------------Phone: 605-716-7388 --------------Email:

South Dakota Courthouses
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