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Society Library
• The history of Barbour County, West Virginia from its earliest exploration and settlement to the present time . . . / by Hu Maxwell

• Marriage records, Harrison County, Virginia (West Virginia), 1784-1850 / edited by Harle H. Morris; with a new index added by Susie D. Nicholson

• Mason County, West Virginia marriages, 1806-1915 / by Julie Chapin Hesson

• The soldiery of West Virginia in the French and Indian War; Lord Dunmore's War; the Revolution; and later Indian Wars; the Whiskey Insurrection; the Second War with England; the War with Mexico, and addenda relating to West Virginians in the Civil War / by Virgil Anson Lewis

• West Virginia estate settlements: an index to wills, inventories, appraisements, land grants, and surveys to 1850 / compiled by Ross B. Johnston

West Virginia
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