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Welcome to the Rapid City Society for Genealogical Research, Inc. (RCSGR)
Serving the Rapid City, Black Hills and Western South Dakota genealogical community by providing a learning and sharing environment and by providing genealogy materials and assistance to its members and the public.
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September 3 to
September 10, 2023
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**Black Hills Pioneer:  First Newspaper of
Deadwood, Dakota Territory (1876-1877) (added 2/11/23)
Source:  South Dakota Historical Society Press.com
** Are these Really My Ancestors? (added 2/11/23)
The Barefoot Genealogist - Ancestry® 
** Finding and Crafting Stories - Between the Leaves -

We have a large diverse collection available in the Genealogy section at the Rapid City Public Library.  We strongly encourage you to visit and utilize the collection.  Once you pull a book or other publication from our Genealogical section, please return to the filing cart and the library staff will reshelve.  
The RCSGR collection of biographical publications are located at the Rapid City FamilySearch Center.
Address:  2822 Canyon Lake Dr Rapid City, SD 57702-8112. 
Phone:  605-343-8656 (FamilySearch Center during opening hours)

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FEBRUARY 2023 PROGRAM - Audio Record Life Stories

Jo Kimery presented a program on "Why Audio Record Life Stories?" - Preserving The Past for the Future.  Jo has assisted others in planning and creating their personal histories.  She provided handouts that show the benefits of preserving a life history or memoir.  Projects that one might consider include:
* A letter to your children or someone else.
* A recording of friends or family sharing stories about someone who has passed.
* A recording of a conversation on any topic, between two relatives or people who know each other well.
* A recording of family members at a reunion (as a group, or ech person for a certain amount of time.
* A tribute to a beloved pet.
* A corporate or business history.
* Historical facts and anecdotes about any organization or group.
For further information or to view the handouts Jo provided, check out our "Past Program Handouts" under Members (Genealogy Education/Programs) in the left menu.

MARCH 2023 PROGRAM - Online Genealogy Software

June Beason presented a program on Online Desktop Genealogy Software.  She demonstrated how to use the Family Treemaker software program for keeping your family tree.  She provided two handouts, "Online Tree or Genealogy Software:  Where to Keep Your Data" (which compares various genealogy software programs such as Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic, etc.) and "60 Free Online Genealogy Websites You Should Be Using."  
For further information or to view the handouts June provided, check out our "Past Program Handouts" under Members (Genealogy Education/Programs) in the left menu.

We offer short trips usually of one-day duration
that we take to surrounding areas for research
or to enjoy something historical.  
NOTE:  We are hoping to continue excursions this year.  Be on the lookout. 
If you have a place you would like to go, let us know.

April 18
Board Meeting
All members welcome! After the Board Meeting we will do an inventory of what is in our 2 cabinets.

April 20
Genealogy Software Workshop
6:30 p.m. Potluck (SD most favored food) 7:15 p.m. Program:  Do you have followup questions on genealogy software?  Come ask your questions at this Genealogy Software ...

May 18
Board Meeting
All members welcome!

May 18
Rapid City Familysearch Center Tour
No potluck.  Pam Martin will be arranging a tour of the LDS Family History Library in Rapid City.   

June 15
Topic: Cemetery Information/Membership Meal
6:30 p.m. Membership meal (catered/Americanna)  7:15 p.m. Program:  John Rankin will provide information regarding cemeteries in preparation for a field trip to a local cemetery (be ...