Rapid City Society for Genealogical Research, Inc.
Rapid City, South Dakota
Mount Rushmore - South Dakota
Serving the Rapid City, Black Hills and Western South Dakota Genealogical Community
Welcome to the Rapid City Society for Genealogical Research, Inc.
Providing a learning and sharing environment, genealogy materials,
and assistance to its members and the public.

 Annual Picnic
 Our Next Meeting in June is our Annual Picnic!
Come and enjoy Fellowship and Savory Potluck Food
Show and Tell and some Door Prizes
Friends and Family are Welcome!

Forgotten Graves
 The Germans from Russia Society and 
The Rapid City Society of Genealogy
are working together to find Forgotten Graves
We would love to have volunteers to help us
Please let us know if you would like to be a part of this
endeavor to help others with their unknown ancestor graves
email us at askus@rcgenealogy.com

June Field Trip
 June 8th is our field trip to Galena, SD
We will enjoy the day learning about the
Ghost town and the Cemetery
If you would like to CARPOOL with us please email us at
We would love to spend the day with you!

Thank you for your 15 years of hard work in publishing
the Black Hills Nuggets quarterly and
dedication to our Society. 
It is very much appreciated!




July 18
Black Hills Celtic Society
6:30 p.m.:  Snacks; mix and mingle; 7:00 p.m.:  Short member meeting; and 7:15 p.m.:  Program - The Black Hills Celtic Society will be here ...

August 15
Exploring DNA With David Boyles
6:30 p.m:  Snack time and mix and mingle; 7:00 p.m:  Short member meeting; and 7:15 p.m:  Program: Guest Speaker, David Boyles will be addressing your ...

September 8
Research Trip to Salt Lake City
Interested in traveling to Salt Lake City to do research regarding your ancestors?  June Beason is leading a group that will be doing genealogy research ...

September 19
The Bower Family and their Musical Accomplishments
6:30 p.m.:  Snacks; mix and mingle; 7:00 p.m.:  Short member meeting; and 7:15 p.m.:  Program - We are so thrilled to have Frank and James ...

September 21
Fall Family Intergenerational Event
Our Society is hosting an open house.  We have invited local Societies to be available so we can learn more about who they are and ...